Moving To Bermuda?

Making your move to paradise is as easy as calling 441-293-move from anywhere in the world. We can arrange for your home to be professionally surveyed by one of our relocation partners and have your goods professionally packed and shipped to Bermuda, as well as arranging the customs clearance and delivery. Our experienced delivery team will unpack, assemble and place all your valued possessions as per your instructions. We also remove all packing debris.

From your old house to your new house we will ensure that your move is stress free. Call or email us today.

Required Documentation for Bermuda
Persons moving to Bermuda with their personal possessions MUST pay duty and landing tax on the declared or customs assessed value of their goods. To avoid lengthy inspections by customs, the importer may make a written declaration of the contents and estimated fair values of their goods for duty purposes. If the declared value is accepted by customs, no inspection will be necessary. If customs decide to carry out an inspection, they may do so at their will.


If they deem inspection necessary, the shipment must have a customs deposit (bond) filed prior to release from the airport or pier. Shipments due to be inspected CANNOT be opened without the presence or permission of a customs official.

A signed H.M. Customs Declaration Form <downloadable> must accompany a signed Personal Effects Declaration <downloadable> as well.

Please contact our Specialist for additional details and scheduling information.

For more information on Bermuda Customs and an online tariff visit their web site at or call 441-293-move.

The United States

  1. Completed Form 3299 <downloadable> For help filling out the 3299 form please download our How To Document
  2. Department of Treasury Forms <downloadable>
  3. Copy of your passport photo
  4. Power of Attorney <downloadable> (for the sole use of the customs broker) <not required for courier>

For additional Information on moving to the U.S.-

The United Kingdom

H.M. Customs and Excise, C-3 Form <downloadable>

For additional information on moving to the U.K.


Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Canada Customs Invoice

For additional information on moving to Canada